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About The Wall Street Journal

Hey there! Are you ever curious about what’s happening in the world? Especially where money and business are concerned. It means you have to read a lot of news. For this matter, The Wall Street Journal is the expert you can trust.

The Wall Street Journal Review: About The Wall Street Journal

For more than 120 years, The Wall Street Journal has been a super important newspaper in the USA. What kind of newspaper is The Wall Street Journal? It talks about many things, including politics, the economy, technology, and art from around the world.

In addition, we are sure everyone knows WSJ. That’s why they are popular on the internet. The brand even has 20m followers on Twitter, 7m on Facebook, 4.6m on Instagram, and 5m subscribers on YouTube. Follow for more news and updates.

Then, We’re gonna talk about the WSJ subscription program. What is that? This The Wall Street Journal review will answer that. We will find out what the benefits of their program are. Thus, shall we begin now?

Overview of The Wall Street Journal

The origin of The Wall Street Journal began in July 1889. The founders were Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser. Since then, the WSJ has been the fastest newspaper to chronicle industry growth in the US and worldwide.

Moreover, their readership includes anyone interested in careers, jobs, finance, etc. They prioritize factual reporting, separate opinion from news, and strive for diversity in their coverage.

Besides, their mission is to be a beacon of ethical journalism. The company wants to engender trust by upholding fairness, accuracy, and impartiality. So, all reporting is credible.

Dow Jones & Company is the WSJ publisher. They are responsible for producing this brand’s newspaper, magazine, and all print editions. These two companies have been working together for a long time.

Anyway, Who is the owner of The Wall Street Journal? Is WSJ owned by Murdoch? That’s right. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. acquired the brand, so being the brand owner. Then, both companies committed to continue developing the brand with the same ethics.

The Wall Street Journal Review

What makes The Wall Street Journal amazing is that it keeps you updated with all the latest news. Their newspaper is published in broadsheet format, magazines, online articles, and PDFs.

The Wall Street Journal Reviews: The Wall Street Journal Review

But, WSJ doesn’t just present what’s happening right now. The company also provides in-depth analysis. They explain why it matters and what it means to you. Thus, readers get a thorough understanding.

Furthermore, the brand has fun stuff, too! They have crosswords and puzzles to keep your brain sharp. Also, they present college rankings, the prime rate today, wine, and others. Therefore, it is fun for young people too.

The Wall Street Journal Tools & Features

In addition, WSJ provides various subscriptions. Some are the WSJ Higher Education Program, High School Program, Public Library Program, and student subscription.

However, this review will only discuss the 2 main subscriptions of this company. We will discuss what benefits you can get from their programs. Therefore, let’s scroll down!

The Wall Street Journal WSJ Digital Reviews

In this modern age, you don’t need to carry newspapers everywhere for your reading stock. Just subscribe to WSJ Digital and read as much as you want. You can access it at or use the WSJ app.

The Wall Street Journal Review: The Wall Street Journal WSJ Digital Reviews

Besides unlimited articles, WSJ Digital has another feature. You can listen to audio versions of WSJ articles if you are too busy to read. Thus, it lets you stay informed while doing other activities or relaxing.

Moreover, if you like brain teasers, WSJ Digital provides daily puzzles and crosswords. So, whenever you have enough time to read the news, you can challenge your brain with their games.

What is included in a WSJ Digital subscription?

  • Unlimited access
  • WSJ mobile and tablet apps
  • Daily puzzles and crosswords
  • Audio versions of WSJ articles

Therefore, whether you are a news junkie, a puzzle enthusiast, or someone who prefers listening to reading, WSJ Digital is the right choice. Then, you can subscribe to this plan for only $2/month.

The Wall Street Journal WSJ Digital Bundle Reviews

You might want more advanced stuff from WSJ Digital. Fortunately, the company offers many super cool things in one package in the WSJ Digital Bundle. So, what’s their difference?

The Wall Street Journal Review: The Wall Street Journal WSJ Digital Bundle Reviews

The WSJ Digital Bundle allows you unlimited access to and Imagine 3 great newspapers in the palm of your hand. Besides, you only need one account to access all three publications.

Furthermore, you can also get into live events with journalists from all three publications. Customers can get a front-row seat for exclusive discussions and interviews with experts in the news.

What is included in a WSJ Digital Bundle subscription?

  • Includes a WSJ Digital plan benefits
  • The Barron’s and MarketWatch apps
  • Personal stock picks, finance advice, and news

Thus, stay informed and ahead of the curve. With the WSJ Digital Bundle, you will get exciting insights, news, and events. Want to join? Join this program for only $4/month.

How Does The Wall Street Journal Work?

Some of you might be looking forward to getting unlimited access. But you must know how to join the program from The Wall Street Journal. So follow our short instructions!

  1. Visit the official website from your smart device. Sign up and login to your account
  2. Find and click ‘subscribe now’
  3. Then, choose the type of plan you prefer
  4. Enter your personal details and address
  5. Complete your payment. Now, you can start reading articles!

You may ask, “How do I find a WSJ article?” simply go to Current Newspapers and search for the article title. Then you will find the article you want. Moreover, many people also ask, “Can I read the WSJ through my library?” Yes, WSJ can be accessed at the public library.

The Wall Street Journal Pricing

How much is The Wall Street Journal worth? Actually, people can read news on The Wall Street Journal online for free. But there is a quota limit. So, how many free articles can you have on WSJ? 10 articles. Therefore, we recommend that you subscribe to their program. Here is the cost:

  • WSJ Digital: $2/month
  • WSJ Digital Bundle: $4/month 

“Can I subscribe to WSJ digital only?” Yes, you can! This program is specifically for people who focus on reading news online. Thus, you don’t need to pay for the print edition. Then, does WSJ have annual subscription? Yes, it does. The price listed is a yearly subscription.

The Wall Street Journal Pros & Cons

What is special about The Wall Street Journal? Before we continue this review, you should know there are some things to think about in The Wall Street Journal. You’re right.

This review will expose all the pros and cons of this company. Therefore, don’t miss any single points.


  • A trusted and credible source
  • All-inclusive topic coverage
  • In-depth analysis
  • Exclusive content and benefits
  • Personal finance guidance
  • Unlimited access
  • Produces multimedia content
  • Award-winning journalism
  • Available in print, online, and mobile apps
  • Enable to cancel the plan


  • Too focused on financial and business topics
  • Paywall restrictions

Who Is The Wall Street Journal For?

The Wall Street Journal is certainly for everyone who loves to read news. Especially business professionals and investors looking for information on business trends, financial markets, and industry developments.

Moreover, the brand also has programs suitable for educators and students. Their newspaper can be a resource for learning and teaching. In addition, international readers can also read this newspaper to get news from around the world.

The Wall Street Journal Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

How good is The Wall Street Journal? Only customers can answer that. Therefore, we searched several websites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Reddit to see what customers think. Thus, let’s check it out!

The Wall Street Journal Review: The Wall Street Journal Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One reader stated:

I really like the Wall Street Journal for its approach! They do great pieces about big companies and regular people like me. They share valuable ideas and money-saving tips for everyday life.

This customer summarizes the greatness of WSJ very well. This company produces excellent writing. Furthermore, they often share useful financial tips and life hacks.

Next, we move on to this comment:

I am a business news seeker. This is my favorite news site; the information presented is very convenient, and I feel the need to see it once a day. Good service, highly recommended.

Are you a fan of business news like this customer? Then, this news site will be your favorite. He praised the convenient way of presenting information. It makes it a pleasant daily reading.

Besides, this customer left interesting feedback:

I have read and enjoyed Wall Street for many years. In my opinion, it is the best newspaper there is. The stories are always timely and well-researched. They publish opposing viewpoints every day…

WSJ is famous for its unique point of view that allows readers to understand complicated news from all sides. In addition, its news is well-researched and timely. Hence, he subscribed for many years.

So, is Wall Street Journal any good? The customers answer with a big yes. They enjoy their time reading articles from this company. Also, many praise WSJ’s writing style, opinions, and diversity of news.

Is The Wall Street Journal Worth It?

Without a second thought, we’re sure The Wall Street Journal is super worth it. The company is like a genius friend who tells you everything about money, business, and politics in a comfortable and fun way. Also, WSJ is mega trustworthy.

The Wall Street Journal Review: Is The Wall Street Journal Worth It?

In addition, the brand also helps you to understand why it’s essential. They offer smart, in-depth analysis with multiple perspectives on the outlook section. Thus, you can understand the news more thoroughly.

Moreover, you only need to pay a low price to get unlimited access ot their high-quality articles. They also provide student subscriptions to suit the needs of young people.

Is The Wall Street Journal Legit?

The Wall Street Journal has been everyone’s mainstay for over a century. Even now, the company also gets a lot of positive feedback. Also, their social media has a lot of fans. Besides, they also featured on the Muck rack.

But, how reliable is The Wall Street Journal? WSJ has won various awards. One of the famous ones is the Pulitzer Prize. The company got it for its awesome journalism and investigative reporting. Therefore, The Wall Street Journal is legit.

The Wall Street Journal Cancellation Policy

We can cancel our WSJ subscription whenever we want. So, if you cancel your monthly plan, it will stop at the end of the month you’ve already paid for. However, you will not receive a refund.

Besides, the company allows you to cancel the annual plan within the first 11 months. Then, you will get some money back based on the remaining duration. You can go to the cancel subscription page to change or cancel your plan.

How To Contact The Wall Street Journal

WSJ has friendly customer service available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 8 pm EST. However, they are also active on Saturdays from 7 am to 3 pm EST. Here are the various ways to contact the team:

  • Send a message on the contact form
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: 1-800-568-7625 or 1-609-627-1351 (toll)
  • SMS customer support: +1 (877)-975-8398
  • Twitter customer support: @WSJ_Support

Headquarters Address

1211 Avenue of the Americas, NYC
New York 10036, USA

Where to buy The Wall Street Journal?

Enrich yourself with a variety of updated and accurate news from WSJ. You can start subscribing to their plan today on the official site and enjoy unlimited articles.

However, is The Wall Street Journal sold in stores? You can find this brand offline at transit centers, city newsstands, and convenience stores.

The Wall Street Journal Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you looking for discounts on The Wall Street Journal? Thus, you should subscribe to their mailing list. They provide a lot of info related to Black Friday, coupon codes, and there.

Is WSJ newsletter free? If you mean email newsletter, then the answer is yes! So, please consider these deals:

  • Claim a senior discount of $99 OFF for advertising
  • Use Amex Platinum to get $20 in statement credits each month

Reveal all coupons
The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for The Wall Street Journal reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How can I read WSJ for free?

Simply go to the official website to read some articles about Killers of the fower moon, COVID updated or celebrity news like Harry and Meghan for free.

Does Wall Street Journal have a student subscription?

Yes, it does. You must go to the dedicated education website to subscribe to the student plan.

What is the customer service phone number of The Wall Street Journal?

You can contact 1-800-369-2834.

Can I access The Wall Street Journal in India?

WSJ can be accessed globally, including in India.

What is the main idea of The Wall Street Journal?

The main idea is to be a source of news and information through the lens of finance, economics, and business.

Did The Wall Street Journal app change?

No, it did not. The company won’t make any changes to the app’s content.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of The Wall Street Journal Reviews & Ratings

The Wall Street Journal is your go-to source for everything you need to know about this world. They carry various topics such as business, economy, politics, etc. Plus, the company provides in-depth analysis in its newspaper.

So, if you want to get news about Macy’s, culture, or financial tips, join their program! Sign in to the official site and choose the plan. Then, you will get unlimited access to all their amazing news.


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